The Terms and Conditions:

Due to the fast spread of coronavirus disease, a pandemic has been made by the World health organization. This pandemic had a massive impact on all sectors including the healthcare, governments are racing to control the virus, and they set up restrictions and measurements to prevent the expansion of the fatal disease. ealthcare and laboratories are a crucial element in facing Covid 19, to get back to normal life.

Travelling around is now enabled, under new restrictions; one of the main restrictions asked by some countries is a negative PCR test. These terms and conditions are solely subjected to the company's will to change them or amend them without prior notice. They are completely at the company's disposal and the company reserves the supreme rights to amend them at any time without prior notice and the customer will have no objection to it. The company reserves the right to modify them slightly or transform them absolutely without earlier notice. The user must agree to our terms and conditions and condition if they want to use our services. It is hereby suggested that every user must read all the terms and conditions without proceeding further.

Following are the terms and conditions:


Mahpcr is a company specialised in providing PCR test to mutamers and labourers, MAHPCR is working hand in hand with Al Borge Laboratories to give effective PCR tests to their clients. Mahpcr is acting as a reseller of Al Borge Laboratories; the company is allowing pilgrims and labourers who are willing to leave the kingdom to book a PCR test.

Restriction of use:
Before you book a PCR test via MAHPCR, please read carefully the terms and the conditions before placing your order. If you are willing to have a test for travelling back to Your home country or any other destination departing from Saudi Arabia you should know that requirements from your destination authorities may vary from time to time, it is necessary to check with your destination authority and your airline to get the exact requirements. Restrictions of Your destination may vary without any prior notice, We are not responsible about any restrictions update of your destination. Make sure you provide us with exact details of your order, including a specific number of hours of a) the sample or b) the test result until the a) departure or b) arrival. Before placing your order, you should check with your airlines if a PCR TEST is required by the country you are travelling to. .The invoices for the provision of the services issued by the Provider shall be payable within 14 days following the issuance. Price for the Services Provided

Safe and Secure:
The website offers you a safe and secure way to book your PCR test and your security and safety is always a priority and precedence for us. Our main concern is that your information may never go into the wrong hands. That's why we only share your information with the Laboratory after getting a confirmation from you.

Al Borge Laboratories are just our partner. Their services are advertised by us. We ensure the highest quality of standards of services by the laboratory as mentioned by them but still, you should never take the advertisement of services by us as a recommendation from us. The Laboratory and you are responsible for all else.
The rates and services displayed on MAHPCR website are subjected to the fluctuation and change with the changing market trends. Guarantee of Best Prices: It is a guarantee that you get the good competitive rates for PCR test on our website. You can compare the rates at any time.
Cancellation Policy:
At MAHPCR, we provide you with the full ease of cancelling your PCR test booking. We have the policy of rendering the best services and best comfort to all our clients and customers. After the confirmation e-mail from the Laboratory, you agree to their terms and conditions. You can cancel your booking at any time according to their rules and regulations and with their deduction policies.
Payment Methods:
MAHPCR accept the advance payment by credit cards. You can pay comfortably by the credit card. We also ensure that all your information remains safe and secure with us.