About PCR Test

A negative PCR test is one of the important procedures to travel from and to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- PCR is a test taken by an authorized private lab/labs 24 to 96 hours before travel(depending on the rules and regulations of airlines and arrival country .

- Only travellers with a negative PCR report will be able to travel and it's mandatory to provide a PCR report before departure and on arrival.

- Some countries have put restrictions in place for travellers arriving from certain destinations to quarantine from 3 to 14 days on arrival, even if they carry a negative PCR from their departure country.

Al Borg Medical Lab


A renowned name in the domain

Al borg is one of our distinguished partners, their services are reliable, timely and trustworthy. We aspire for a fruitful partnership where Mahatat Al Alam along with Al Borg labs work together for the shared purpose of providing professional excellent services to travellers wishing to obtain a certified PCR test. Their long expertise coupled with our company’s broad understanding of the Hajj and Umrah field will allow Pilgrims to get the required CPR certification from a valid and qualified laboratory that adheres to the highest quality and health standards.

PCR For Mutamers

Before your departure from Saudi Arabia, Mutamers can book PCR test online

Mutamers who are willing to leave Saudi Arabia might need a negative PCR test certificate (please do check with your airline carrier). Mutamers inside the kingdom will need to obtain a certified negative PCR test before going back to their home country. For this purpose, MAHPCR made a partnership with Al Borge laboratories where Mutamers and labourers /visitors can get a PCR test at reasonable prices.